Polysep Markets


From biodiesel wastewater to performance additives for cellulosic ethanol production, Polysep offers specific programs to improve your facilities processes.

Food Processing

Polysep offers unique coagulants and polymers for DAF, clarification, belt press, and centrifuge operations. We also supply a variety of products for biological system enhancement, BOD reduction, and nutrient removal.


Polysep offers high molecular weight coagulants and flocculants to the coal, mineral, and clay industries.


Polysep offers high performance flocculants for solids dewatering and color removal. We also offer specialized products designed to reduce phosphorus, ammonia and boost oxygen levels to stressed biological systems.

Metal Finishing

Polysep provides metal precipitants, flocculants, antifoams and absorbent filtration media to the metal industry.